Malk is a maidist whore that has only appear in two deviantions of G0ATFAC3's deviant art. She is the mother of Raegun Brotta and Uilliam Brotta, and the ex lover of Marshall Brotta.

Story Edit

Malk's chilhood is currently unknown, but It's known that she was born beetwen the 1930's and the 1940's. When she became an adult, she became a whore and started having sex with everyone, including Marshall Brotta, Vachon Brotta II (Unknown how), and Dein Rottenburg. She later got pregnant of Marshall Brotta and gave birth to Raegun Brotta. A few years later she, again, got pregnant from Marshall Brotta and gave birth to Uilliam Brotta; Unfortently, Malk died after giving birth to Uilliam. She eventually later became a ghost, and offered free sex to everyone.